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About Dropcare

Water Supply Management System is best software for water supply and sanitation management organization. The Software is designed and developed keeping in view the requirement and comfort of Water Supply Management body as well as operators and users of this software. The software is well equipped with security and data validation features. The power of this software lies in its easy to use approach and user friendly atmosphere. This software makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.

Member Management

Member Registration Process
Member Verification and Tap Allotment Process
Member Reading Entry Process
Reading Area Creation
Cash & Other Receipt Creation


Request Report
Tap Allotment Report
Tap Reading Log Report
Cash & Other Receipt (Income) Summary Report

Financial Accounting Management

Individual/Group A/C Ledger Creation
Voucher Creation (Cash/Journal/Bank)
MIS Report:

Final Reports

P/L Account
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Radio Analysis

Account Book

Cash/Bank Book
A/C Ledger
Journal Register

Account Statemnet

A/C Payable
A/C Receivable
A/C Summary

Daily Repotrts

Day Book Detail
Day Book Summary
Day Closing Voucher /Summary

Store & Inventory Management

Stock Update and Maintenance
Consumption and Damage Record
Item Ledger
Stock in hand report
Stock Valuation

Special Features

• Voucher Auto Posting
• Employee Payroll Management
• Data Auto Backup .
• User wise security system.

Mobile App Features

• Message alert
• Progress Report
• Student Fee Ledger
• Complaint Box
• Homework
• Leave Request
• Student Attendance
• Student Exit Request

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“Dropcare” – is a water supply billing software which is capable of maintaining all the activities like new member registration, meter reading, reading posting, account management, store and inventory management. This product is based on modern technology for application development, which will make the organization achieve goal as it is dreamed. This application will create hub among water users, organization and executive committee. Heartsun Technology is the first company to launch digital meter reading device for water supply community in Nepal.