EMR-Electronic Medical Record System


About EMR-Electronic Medical Record System

"Medicare - EMR" – Electronic Medical Record System will be a future software which will maintain all hospital record on computers no matter whether it is prescription of doctor or treatment sheet of patient, medicine, employees all data will be maintained in this software. Our Hospital Management System is custom built to meet the specific requirement of the mid and large size hospitals across the globe. Fully networked based and will be managed by the latest technology tools. Software will be easy to use and fully graphical interface will be provided to the end user. This software will make your hospital ‘WPP’ that means without paper pen.

OPD/IPD Management Module

In this part the outdoor patient record be recorded in which the following activities will took place.

Patient History (IPD/OPD)

The admit patient also has the above-mentioned feature along with this the other feature are mentioned below.

Medical Prescription

This is the module, which assists in maintaining all the records systematically, and provides management information to manage unit efficiently.

Patient Vital Records

EMR is one of the most important modules in a Hospital Management system, as this enables the resultant of the entire package to be functionally displayed to the Administrator.

Medical Report Uploads

Patient Medication

This Module offers Electronic Recored for the Patient Medication.

Interconnection with pharmacy & lab

This Module offers solution for the interconnection with pharmacy and Lab.

Mobile App Connectivity

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The use of an electronic health records system offers these clinical advantages:

No bulky paper records to store, manage and retrieve
Easier access to clinical data
The ability to establish and maintain effective clinical workflows
Fewer medical errors, improved patient safety and stronger support for clinical decision-making
The ability to gather and analyze patient data that enables outreach to discreet populations
The opportunity to interact seamlessly with affiliated hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies
Considering all the advantages of electronic health records, and the rapidly growing electronic interconnectedness of the health care world, even if EHRs had not been mandated by health care reform, their development and eventual ubiquity in the health care industry was inevitable.